Welcome to Staff of Life

    Hi! We are Staff of Life Bread Company, and we love baking bread. Specifically, good bread. The kind that lingers on your tastebuds long after eating; and brings out the best in all the foods you serve it with; the kind that makes your friends ask “…where did you get this?”

    Flour, water, salt and yeast meet time, skill, fun, and love. Any grocery store or restaurant chain can get bread off a truck — that stuff is usually engineered to be fast, cheap, and easy to make. We’re not interested in that. Our bread gets the time it needs to coax the flavor out of quality ingredients, and is baked boldly using traditional artisan methods.

    We like to think we make bread the way it’s meant to be. Try it out — we’d love to hear if you agree.

    Who We Are

    Abbey Whetzel is the owner, founder, and creative force behind the many great breads we have to offer. She has baked artisan bread at Staff of Life since it began 9 years ago. Combining her keen sense of detail and technique with her steadfast commitment to flavor and fun, she brings out the best in each of our recipes with a focus on bringing better bread to our customers.


    Todd Van Patter

    Our Breads

    (To find out this week’s bread selection at various locations, visit our Facebook page)


    Signature Loaves

    We have a wide variety of beautiful and flavorful loaves, from hearth-style sourdough levains to crusty baguettes to more imaginative breads full of cheeses, fruits, nuts, seeds or spices.


    Rolls and Small Breads

    Whether you need hearty buns that do justice to quality burgers and sandwiches, tasty dinner rolls for your family dinner or big catering event, or just a delicious snack to add flavor to your day, our little breads steal the show!


    Specialty Baking

    We’re always tinkering with new recipes and baking up new ideas! Keep an eye out for announcements of seasonal and holiday breads, or just be ready to try our latest experiment!

    Where to Get Our Bread

    Farmer’s Markets

    We currently sell at the following markets:

    Local Businesses


    Fresh-baked bread deliveries to:

     Friendly City Food Co-op

    Mon/Wed/Fri by 4pm

    Special Orders


    We occasionally will do custom orders for events or special needs, and are happy to work one-on-one with caterers and local businesses to find a solution to your particular baking needs!

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